Monday, 21 April 2014

Rome Day 4 - Thursday March 27, 2014

I woke up at half nine this morning and had a light breakfast before heading back to my hotel room to pack up and take a shower, before I had to check out. At 10:55 with five minutes to spare, I caught the elevator to the lobby and checked out leaving my bag with the concierge for the morning so I could do a bit more exploring. My foot was still bad but I forced myself to walk to the Spanish steps which was about 20 minutes from the hotel. I decided that they weren’t that impressive though, just some steps really. I decided to try and find this pizza place called Pinsere that I had found on Tripadvisor which had been rated like the the second best place in Rome for Pizza, When I was leaving the steps however, I was accosted by a street seller who wanted to give me a rose. I declined and tried to walk off but he chased after me and insisted that I take it because it was a lucky rose, so I did. Then I walked off, then a few seconds later, he came running after me and asked for some money and when I tad him I didn’t have any, he took the Rose back of me, which was hilarious, I was also relieved, because I felt like a bit of dipstick carrying around a rose by myself. 

I eventually found the pizza place, it was tiny little place tucked away, miles away from the centre of Rome, but there was a queue outside of the door, so that was the first sign this was going to be good. I was also soaked from the torrential downpour that was continuing without any signs of stopping. I was rewarded however as the pizza was absolute incredible, I will link the place here, you absolutely have to go and get a slice or 3 or 4 from here, because it was to die for. Like seriously impressive pizza. Ut was a thick base pizza but the dough was so soft and squishy, and just yum. There were loads of different flavours, but because I am not very adventurous with food, which is a massive flaw, I decided to stick with margarita. I wish I could have had two, it was so good! 

It was getting close to the time I needed to catch my train, so I limped back to the station and witnessed a guy get knocked off his moped, not seriously though, he just kinda fell off then got back up. It wouldn’t have been funny but when the taxi driver got out of his car, he was eating this massive baguette and continued to do so whilst they argued in Italian, presumably about whose fault it was.

I picked my bag up from the hotel, and headed off to the station. My first train was at 2:20 and 10 hours later I was back in my bed, exhausted but full of lots of great memories and looking forward to planning the next adventure!!

Thanks for reading my Rome blogs, hopefully you have enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.