Thursday, 13 March 2014

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Today after breakfast, I went for a walk around Arosa. It is so pretty. The mountains are just absolutely stunning, I can’t get over the beauty of the whole area, and that people get to wake up to it every morning. 
I climbed up onto the of the mountain, not very high or far, as I didn’t have the right shoes or anything, just enough to get a nice view. There was this cute little church there, I wandered around took some photos, and videos. And I slipped over 3 times. Luckily there was no one around but I still laughed and hoped I didn’t look like a crazy person. 
To get up to the little church you had to cross from one side of this hill/mountian to the other side over a ski path. I swear to goodness, I thought I was going to die or at least crash into the skiers coming down the mountain at 1000mph. I wanted to try and get across quickly, but at the same time, the ground is slippy and I was obviously on a slant, so it made it really hard. I will leave you to imagine how riducilous I looked, trying desperately not to fall over but at the same time maintain an air of ‘everything is fine, I do this stuff all the time’ which hello!! I don’t’ 
But risking my life, was definitely worth it to see this little church and the view.
After having a little wander round the churchyard, I had to then get back down the mountain. Luckily, this time, there seemed to be a break in the skiers, and going down hill was slightly easier, so I think I looked less ridiculous, but only slightly. Halfway down I stopped to watch some little kids learning how to ski, it was very cute, and they kept falling over when they tried to sit on the seat things that pull you up the mountain, 
It was about four pm then so I decided to get back. As I got to the bottom of the mountain, I slipped over again and I really wish I had someone to laugh it of with, because it was really funny. I hope that you are all laughing now. 
I managed to get back to the apartment okay, although there was a slight moment of panic when I thought I was lost, but then I wasn’t so it was fine. 
Nothing much happened in the evening, just had some dinner then went to bed, as I was super super tired from all my falling over.