Thursday, 13 March 2014

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday, February 20.
What a perfect day! Had a bit of a lie in this morning as I was up til late unpacking and sorting my room out. Such a beautiful and sunny day, the temperature is like a British spring day. A little bit cold, but in the sun, it is nice and warm.
I left the house around 12, and caught the bus to the train station, all my myself (!!) then on the train to Zurich, I tried to be polite and let this elderly lady on the train first but as I stepped back I hit another lady with my bag. Fail. 
The train took about twenty minutes, not too long at all. Barbara had drawn me some maps of where to go in the city, so I managed to make it out of the Hauptbahnhof (main station) quite painlessly and was delighted to see not one but TWO Starbucks. I had to find an Apple Store to try and get a new adapter to charge by phone and MacBook as the ones I brought were the wrong size, silly me. So I found one on the Main Street called Bahnhof Strasse. Could I be anymore in love with Apple. I spoke to this really lovely guy you helped me find the right charger for my phone and then when I explain that I needed one for my laptop too, he had to go and check which was the right one, when he came back he brought one with him and gave it to me for free! Amazing, that’s twice I’ve gone to Apple to help in a foreign county and they’ve been so generous. Majorly impressed, please all go and buy Apple products.
Anyway, it’s about 2pm and we aren’t catching the train to Arosa until 4:40 so I’ve found the most beautiful place to sit and look out over the river. 
I’m going to sit here for a bit and enjoy the view then head back into town for some lunch, because I haven’t eaten yet and I’m starving, and then it will be on the train to Arosa. 
3:30: I’ve had a lovely wander round Zurich today, not too far as I didn’t want to get lost. I visited a couple of churches - St Peter Kirche & Fraum√ľnster - love a bit of culture. Really beautiful architecture and stain glass windows. Went into this amazing chocolate shop, that literally smelt like heaven, it was incredible.
Then I did the unspeakable, I had a Starbucks. An absolute travesty, I know, but it was familiar, easy and scrummy so I just did. I can’t wait to learn German, I feel terrible not knowing the language, and everyone here speaks English which makes me feel worse, so I really need to get going with the sprechen sie Deustch. 
4:30pm: Time to catch the train, and here we are in the mountains, it was dark again when I arrived so I haven’t seen much yet, but I am sure they’ll will be some photos to follow in the morning. 
See ya laters potaters xxx