Thursday, 13 March 2014

Sunday March 2, 2014

I was going to go to the Zoo today, but the weather was still really cloudy and cold, and I wanted to save the experience for a sunnier day. Instead I met up with April, who is nannying for another family in the village. We went back in to Zurich and she showed me around a bit more, we got Starbucks (Only my second since I’ve been here, promise!) and chatted about all the things that she has done in Zurich as well as the other nannies, that she has met and all the things that she would still like to do before she leaves in May/June time. The lady in Starbucks spelt my name wrong, which brought me great amounts of joy. 
After Starbucks, April showed me where my German class would be as they were starting on Monday, and then we went to another Italian restaurant and just had dessert and chatted a bit more about life, amongst other things. It was a lovely day and I am grateful to have made a friend here. On Tuesday, we are going to go around the village and see where the swimming pool and the library are, etc. We are also making plans to go to the Bear Park in Bern, which will be fun. But the same as with the Zoo we are waiting for the weather to warm up. We got back at seven in time for dinner, and then just time for a shower, before I got into bed exhausted after my busy weekend, which is how weekends should be. 
Have a great week everyone!!