Thursday, 13 March 2014

Wednesday February 19, 2014

Wednesday, February 19
Guten tag amigos.
How are we all.
Big today today!! Moving day!
I got up early this morning… 9am, that is very early for me, and finished off the last of my packing - toothbrush, make up, excetraaa. Then I had to go and pick Piers up because he was coming with us to the airport, cute, then I had to go get some passport photos, for my Swiss train pass, not my passport, I like to leave things to the last minute but not that late.
After that it was airport time, check in, security, blah blah blah. Then onto the plane, I found the sun, hiding above all those horrible rain clouds that insist on hovering over the UK, it was so nice to see the sunshine! Flight was very quick, I read for a bit, listened to some 1D and had some apple juice and a cookie - I really want to make sure I record the very fine details.
After my amazing cookie, we landed. In Switzerland!! Nearly lost my passport twice - left it in the pocket behind the seat, then on the side in the bathroom - absolute nightmare, but I was really tired and at least I didn’t actually leave it.
Getting my baggage off the carousel was so much fun(!!). My bags were really heavy, and everyone was standing around watching me struggle, felt a bit silly. Why do I need so much stuff?
Then I met up with Barbara, who is the lady I am working for, she was very friendly and happy to see me, as I was her. After all the talking and planning it feels so good to finally be here, in my home for the next 5 months. We went and got my train pass sorted for our trip to the mountains tomorrow, and then came home to get settled in. Barbara drove through Zurich, it was dark but from what I could see, it looks so pretty. Can’t wait to have a proper explore in the daylight. We then had beetroot soup for dinner, never had it before, but was very interested to try and it was scrumptious - go and make some right now.
Now I am in bed! Facetimed with the familien (look a German word!) obv, then took a shower, and I was going to go to bed, as I am so tired, but I’d pulled all the stuff out of my suitcases to try and find other stuff and it was everywhere so I decided to just tidy up and unpack now, so I can sleep a bit longer tomorrow.
Home alone for the morning, then taking my first solo adventure into Zurich to meet Barbara and Sinja and travel up to the mountains for some fun in the snoooooowwwww!! I love snow.
This is a very condensed version of the day’s events, I haven’t mentioned the six other times I left my passport lying about because I don’t want to bore you, but I hope you got the general idea, because I’m too tired to write anymore. (Only joking!!) (There were only two other times.)
It goes without saying that I miss all of your faces a ridiculous amount.
Catch ya later potaters.