Thursday, 13 March 2014

Saturday March 8, 2014

Hello my little explorers,
Sorry for the silence recently. I haven’t been on any big adventures, so I haven’t got many photos or videos to show. But here is a little run down of whats been going on since I last wrote. 
As I write this the sun is beating down and it is a truly beautiful day, there is something about the sunshine, it just seems to make the world a much better place. 
This morning I went into Zurich, to go to the English book store. I bought some marmite and cookie mixture. I know that’s cheating, but trying to work out all the difference ingredient names here, is just exhausting so I was giving myself a break. Plus cookie mixture = minimum mess. 
It was a really hot day. And when I say hot, I mean the sun was shining, and there was no clouds. For me, that means a tshirt/shorts/skirt/flip flops kind of day. There wasn’t much of a breeze so I thought, ‘why not bust out a skirt, they haven’t had an outing in a while’. Apparently though in Switzerland or maybe just Zurich, skirts are clearly not approved of until later in the year. I got some one the dirtiest looks ever. Like yeah, my legs were a bit white, but they’ve been wrapped up in tights and jeans all winter and I am from England. It was a really nice day and people were legit walking about in winter coats and boots, and I was in t-shirt, skirt and converse. The phrase sticking out like a sore thumb comes to mind. So after a bit of food shopping, I scurried home to the refuge of the garden, where I knew the squirrels wouldn’t judge me for my summery attire. 
I had the house to myself all weekend, so I just sat in the garden for a little while. I read my book, ate some berries and soaked up the sun. I even saw a butterfly, which proves that summer is on the way. 
For dinner I made pea soup. I was extremely impressed with my efforts, this isfirst time I have ever made soup and it was bloody delicious. 
After pea soup I made the cookies that I had bought earlier. I don’t know what it is about pre-made cookie dough but I always seem to mess it up. I always over bake the cookies, I don’t know how I manage it, so they were very crunchy cookies, but they still tasted yummy, so never mind. 
I can’t remember what I did Saturday night, proof that it wasn’t that exciting.